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Martha Berry sends Pennybacker a recommendation blank for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award along with a list of her accomplishments. Berry thanks Pennybacker for her recent visit.

A letter from George Foster Peabody to Martha Berry in regards to the Pictorial Review. He offers some advice to Martha Berry and asks for copies of the 1926 and 1927 reports of Mount Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Genevieve Parkhurst to discuss plans for a dinner in Berry's honor to be arranged by Parkhurst in New York City.

Genevieve Parkhurst writes to Martha Berry to confirm her visit on October 31st, the day that the announcement will be released to the papers and reporters and photographers will be there to interview and take pictures of her. The trip expenses will be paid for by the Pictorial Review.
Parkhurst goes on to mention her interest in having a luncheon in Miss Berry's honor on November 20th while she is visiting New York between November 15th and December 1st. In the end Parkhurst thanks Miss Berry for the wonderful experience she enjoyed during her recent visit to the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry telegrams to express her pleasure at receiving Genevieve Parkhurst at the Berry Schools after her departure on Wednesday. She says that is important from Genevieve Parkhurst to see for herself the work that is being done at the schools.

Genevieve Parkhurst telegrams to say that she cannot leave before Wednesday. She suggests that if Martha Berry will not be at the Berry Schools during her visit, then she should send pictures of herself and material on the schools immediately. She suggests it might be more convenient for Miss Berry to come to her.

Genevieve Parkhurst writes to Martha Berry to ask if it would be convenient for her to visit Rome, Georgia and the Berry Schools toward the end of the next week. She goes on to talk about Martha Berry's discussion with the Pictorial Review about doing an article on the schools.

Martha Berry writes to Genevieve Parkhurst asking about Recommendation Blanks for the Pictorial Review Achievement Award.

Genevieve Parkhurst writes to Martha Berry to send her, under separate cover, a few recommendation blanks for the Pictorial Review's Annual $5000 Achievement Award.

Neal congratulates Berry on the Pictorial Review Achievement Award.

Berry sends Miss Neal a telegram urgently telling her to see Mr. Ochs' secretary about the Pictorial Review Award.

Miss Berry has invited Miss Neal to an event at Mohank Lake in August, and has sent Miss Neal a clipping about Marion Berry's wedding. Berry notes that Tom Berry, Virginia Campbell and the Bonnyman's attended and said it was the most wonderful wedding they ever attended.

Miss Martha wishes to have Miss Cora Neal come visit her at Tate Springs, and she also asks for Miss Neal to send her more Pictorial Review blanks. Berry also mentions the forthcoming wedding in Europe between Marion Berry and Prince Heli [Chigi]; however, Berry writes that although she was asked to give a wedding gift of $10,000, she was not invited to the wedding.

Berry has sent Neal a letter from Mrs. Pennybacker, with information that Carrie Chapman Catt is also in the field for the Pictorial Review award. Berry asks Neal if she will be able to see the people at the Pictorial Review for her.

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