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In this letter Miss Martha Berry asks from Mr. Manville to assist with the recovering of the buildings by donating some of his green Slatekete Shingles.

The letter from Martha Berry tells The Capitol in Atlanta a problem Berry is having with borer. Martha Berry discusses the damage the borer has caused the log cabin. She also mentions the importance of the cabin and the urgency to fix the problem.

The letter came along with a donation to Martha Berry for Berry Schools. The letter included the author's desire to receive some literature or anything else interesting if possible. Mrs. Fatiu ended the letter praising Martha Berry for her work.

In this letter from Martha Berry to William Edwards of Zellwood, she sends her wishes for a good year of oranges and grapefruit as well as her hope that Edwards has recovered from his illness. Miss Berry talks about her wanting to meet again and hopes that the Edwards could send some fruit. Miss Berry ends by asking Mr. Edwards if he knows anyone that would donate citrus fruit for the up-coming Christmas holiday in which 700 students are present.

This is a thank-you letter to Martha Berry for the box of cotton. Anne Marsh was writing for Mrs. Richard Mortimer who was recovering from an operation.

In this short letter, Florence M. Collins tells Miss Berry that she is sending old clothes and hopes that Miss Berry can find use for them. The next sentence discusses her return to Havana, Illinois and Collins says to send the magazine there.

A letter authored by Martha Berry sent out requesting any monetary donations to aid in the rebuilding of the main dormitory at the Foundation School, which burned down. The dormitory housed seventy-five boys and they were hoping to have it built and ready for the opening term, September 1st.

Wm. Colgate donates $100 in response to a letter from Miss Martha Berry asking for assistance for the Berry land while facing a severe drought.

Martha Berry writes to the teachers and boys of The Foundation School thanking them for their gifts and donations toward the new dormitory.

Donation letter from Josephine Atterbury to Martha Berry with a donation for a student named Eugene to help pay for his tuition. Martha Berry refuses to allocate the money to Eugene because of the probability he will be unable to afford his education or finish in a timely fashion. Martha Berry then reallocates the donation to the general fund of the Berry Schools.

The document was a letter from Martha Berry to Mr. R.C. Alston. The letter requested the Mr. Alston to urge other trustees to attend an event. From the writing the event was probably very important and with Berry's history involved trying to get donations.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Albert Johnson after being told about her by their mutual friend Mrs. Yardley. Martha Berry mentions her niece, Mrs. Frances Wright Price, who lives in Miami. Miss Berry thinks Mrs. Price would be interested in meeting Mrs. Johnson. Martha Berry also encloses literature about the Berry Schools and mentions that they've had several students from Florida.

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