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Miss Berry asks that Mr. Carlson puts a picture of the burned down dormitory in the Boston Transcript so more people will be aware of their need.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Carlson apologizing for not taking up the matter about the dental equipment that has been promised. She asks about building a room for a dentist office. She also sends along a photo about the "Mother's Building" mentioning it doesn't fit with the Girls School.

Miss Berry asks for Mr. Harrington to come soon to help with the decorating of the Girl's Dormitory.

Mrs. James Boyd sends $150 to The Berry Schools.

Martha Berry sends a letter to Mr Campsall, written by Mr Hoge, that details the current needs at The Berry Schools because Mr Ford had instructed her to do so for prompt attention.

This is a letter written to Mr. Cockrill regarding Berry's taxes. Berry indicates that she has not sent the tax money because she understood Cockrill was traveling but indicates that she will send the money if he'll let her know when and where. Berry writes that the weather is "awfully cold... this winter. In fact, the coldest weather we have had in a long time."



Martha writes to Blanche to thank her for the set of magazines she sent to the school that were received.

Handwritten letter to Inez Henry from Martha Berry


Photograph of Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Berry during a visit to the Berry School.


Portrait photograph of a young Martha Berry.

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