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Letter talks about the cost and status of the burned Foundation School's dormitory replacement.

Martha writes to Adolph Ochs with information about the burned building for the New York Times. She hopes hopes that being in the New York Times that there will be more help from the public in rebuilding a new fire-proof dorm.

Donation of $10.00 from Noel Morris to help towards rebuilding the dormitory.

Martha writes to Mrs. Lawrence to tell her that they enjoyed her visit. She also mentions the Dorm fire on the foundation school.

Miss Folger responds to Miss Berry's plea with a small donation and her best wishes.

Martha writes to Mr. McKee that in fact that do need him as a Trustee and can add him to the list. She also mentions the children doing the best they can to give towards a new building to replace the one at the Foundation School.

This letter was sent after a fire destroyed the dormitory for boys at the Foundation School. Ms. Berry is asking for support to rebuild the dormitory.

Mrs. A. E. Furber sends two dollars to help rebuild the Foundation School that was destroyed in the fire.

Martha Berry writes Mr. Martin to inform him of the recent fire at the Foundation School and includes information to be added into a leaflet.

Berry sends thanks for Kreth's gift, telling him how much a dormitory for the Foundation School is needed. Kreth's sister, Mrs. Fox, sent a donation in the fall.

A copy of the letter that Martha sent out en-masse, this one returning from Edward Dunham with a donation of 15 dollars.

Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Emery for her generous gift of $500 for a new dormitory. She explains how she is collecting the brightest boys and girls for the school.

Sands encloses B.N. Duke's contribution for rebuilding the Foundation School dormitory.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hamilton for his gift and goes on to explain that a dormitory at the Foundation School has burned down and they need help to build a new fire-proof one since insurance did not cover the entire cost.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Cox for his gift and expresses the school's need for a new dormitory. She says that the summer students are ready to begin work and that Mr. Cox's gift should help them achieve that. Miss. Berry also expresses her hope that she will be able to keep all of the boys in school.

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