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Letter enclosed a $734 check to endow November 3, birthday of Mrs. Algernon S. Sullivan, president of the Industrial Education Association for Southern Mountaineers.

Augusta Hope describes to Miss Berry the first time Dr. Norwood discussed the schools at the Berry Pilgrims meeting at Mrs. Hammond's house. Hope mentions the Gates of Opportunity Miss Berry opened for "the rich and to the poor" and for "the high and to the low".

Martha Berry tells why the students stay at school for Christmas. She discusses the work at Pilgrim Hall. She tells of the barrack that was housing some of the boys and how it burned. Berry explains the need of a fire-proof dormitory. She also thanks Mrs. Hammond for the books she sent her.

Letter discusses the school being full and Hattie McDougald's scholarship at LaGrange College.

Letter discusses planned trips that summer for Inez and Martha Berry. Letter mentions Rachel's wedding pictures.

A list of contributors from the Birthday Luncheon who are not on Mrs. Hammond's list.

Emily V. Hammond writes to Martha Berry to tell her about a large event she had to raise money for the Berry Schools. Dr. Leonard spoke at the event and they read a letter from Berry. They have pledges for $37,775 to go toward building Pilgrim Hall.

Emily V. Hammond writes to Martha Berry about having Dr. Norwood come speak to the Pilgrims on April 30, 1929. She wants Berry to send a letter that she can read to the Pilgrims at the meeting.

Berry writes to Hammond to say that she has received the list of guests and that her sister, Mrs. Campbell, wants all the guests to have tea with her. Berry expresses her excitement for the visit.

Emily Hammond sends Martha Berry a letter about a $2,500 donation made by her uncle, Henry T. Sloane. Mrs. Hammond also discusses a $10 check written by Mrs. Sturgis and a check from Mrs. Cosgrove that will be sent to Martha Berry. Lastly, Mrs. Hammond tells Martha Berry that 20 people are interested in the Pilgrimage on April 15th and that she will do her best to accompany them.

In this letter Margaret W. Browne, secretary to Mrs. John Hays Hammond, thanks Martha Berry for the Christmas cotton. She also informs her that Mrs. Hammond's niece passed away, and that she was going to Florida hopefully to get some time to relax.

Martha Berry encloses receipts and thanks Emily Vanderbilt Hammond for her help with a dinner.

Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for how she and her secretary operate their business system. She tells Mrs. Hammond about the wonderful Christmas Tree they had at Possum Trot. She also tells her about the letters she has received from people who think Berry has raised over two million dollars and that she is going to correct these people in the next Highlander.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Carnegie to invite her to visit the Schools so they can spend time together. She also writes about the Carnegie Foundation's decision whether or not to continue their funding of the Berry Schools and asks Mrs. Carnegie to take up the Schools' cause.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Carlson about the Commencement in the new Chapel, the Fords' visit, her plans to ask Mr. Ford about the building of the new dormitory and Mrs. Hammond's visit with her group's pledges for the new dormitory.

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