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The letter expresses thanks for the total donations of the Daughters of the American Revolution and records them individually. It also informs the national office that the school will also be writing individually to each chapter.

In this letter Harriet Rigdon sends a check from the national DAR along with the addresses of the donors.

Letter to Martha Berry from Katherine Arnold Nettleton thanking her for her letter and understanding about the list. She informs Miss Berry that she is sending under separate letter with both of their understanding that it is not being used to "circularize" the chapters. Concerning their newest year book, she informs Miss Berry that the new one comes out in July of that year but that she can't possibly tell how many changes will be made to it.


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Martha Berry lists the gifts Berry has received from 7 DAR chapters, through the DAR Treasurer General, and gives thanks to the state treasurer and the Chapters.


Letter to Mrs. Bonnie A Pattison thanking her for the $175 donation from the DAR.


Martha Berry writes to Miss Loomis to thank her and acknowledge the receipt of funds from the DAR.

Miss Berry is writing to inform the DAR Treasurer of gifts they have received from different chapters and thanks her for the DAR's support.

Martha writes to Miss Ennis about the funds that have been recieved from New Jersey Chapters of the DAR and asks for the names so the school can thank them individually.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Ennis for the list of donors from the DAR and asks that she continues to send the names of the officers.


Martha writes to Mrs. Gerber with a list of the chapters that they have received gifts from. Martha asks for a complete list of all the chapters in the states so that they may acknowledge individual chapters for gifts they may receive.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Barber for the donations from the various DAR chapters.

In this letter Miss Berry names the DAR chapters through which they have received donations. She asks State Treasurer Ruth Barber for a complete roster of all of the New York chapters in order to acknowledge the gifts individually.

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