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A notice of the Silver Anniversary Year of the Berry Schools in which donations towards the celebration are being requested. A $2 donation from Dr. Howard G. Myers is recorded.

Ida A. May thanks Martha Berry for sending her a calendar and sends a check of $5 for the Berry Schools 25th anniversary.

Hannah S. Mead thanks Martha Berry for the calendar she received. She also congratulates Martha Berry on the 25th anniversary of the school.

L.W. Mcgadden thanks Martha Berry for her invitation to celebrate the 25th anniversary at the Berry Schools but informs her that neither he nor his family will be able to attend.

Berry sends thanks for the Sunday School program for the 25th Anniversary.

A letter that requests a donation from Mrs. Charles A. Longstreth, to which she responds with a check for $100.

William Arthur Lee writes to Martha Berry to apologize for being unable to attend the twenty-fifth anniversary of the school, explaining that there was an issue with the mail that resulted in Martha's original letter arriving too late for him to be able to make plans to attend. He wishes the school well and asks Martha to mention him to Mr. Green.

Mrs. Larned thanks Miss Berry for the book and news of the 25th celebration of the schools. She sends a small donation and apologizes for the "scrawl" as she is riding in a train.

Berry describes the 25th anniversary celebration for the Berry Schools. She hopes to see Ladd when she visits New York and asks that Ladd mark her letters "personal" so that she will have the joy of opening them herself.

In this letter Martha Berry is sending Mrs. Inman Lily leaflets which are letters from students. However she advises against publishing them indivdually due to their sensitive nature.

Emma Ireland sends a $25 donation to help celebrate Berry's 25th Anniversary.

Anna writes with a donation for the 25th anniversary.

Mr. Johnson writes the Berry Schools to congratulate the school on it's 25th anniversary.

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