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Adele Marie sends two checks to Martha Berry from Mrs. William Andrews Clark and Mrs. Hugette M. Clark (each $100) towards the work of the Berry Schools.

Clow is sending two boxes of educational magazines to The Berry Schools. She wishes she could send more, but she attached to a large school that needs her help.

This is a letter in which Mrs. Lydia Hodge wrote Martha Berry donating $50.00 for the new boy's dormitory at the Berry Schools.

Mrs. M.H. Hepburn feels really sorry about the dormitory fire so she sent $100 to help.

Robert Hankel informs Miss. Berry that he can't afford to help out with the rebuilding of the dorm that burned down in a fire but he encloses a list of companies that might be able to help.

This is a letter to friends of Martha Berry asking for donations due to a recent fire that burnt down a dormitory for 75 boys. Miss Berry expresses that they need to build a fire-proof building by September 1st.

Mrs. Frederick W. Hodges sends a check for $20. She also mentions she is one of the oldest pupils of Miss Liggett's School.

Enclosed a check from $150 for a scholarship.


In this letter Mr. Heinz write Miss Berry to inform her that Mrs. Heinz has written her last check for $1,250, completing her subscription of $5,000.

Solicitation letter after the dormitory fire returned with a $5 donation from Lydia S. Hinchman.

Mrs. Heath sends a $10.00 donation to The Berry Schools.


Mrs. E. C. Henderson sends a donation for $300.

Ellen R. Hathaway explains that she cannot make a donation to the Schools until May, as she has in the past. She also asks Martha Berry not to send her any jam for Christmas.

The names of Silver Roll benefactors and the amounts of their donations to the schools are included in this document.

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