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Letter accompanied donation of $161 as part of the Berry Circle from Atlanta.

Mrs. McCreary donates $150 in response to Miss Berry's letter.


Letter to Martha Berry expressing condolences for the lack of money she is able to donate to the school but sends her small check.

The new Regent of the Denver Chapter of DAR, Margaret Buchtel, writes Martha Berry to inform her they have not yet decided if they will be able to make a contribution to the Berry Schools.

Anna Taft Buck, the Regent of the South Parish Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Republic) offering to send clothing, shoes and other items to the Berry Schools.


Letter of donation from Col. Wm. Prescott Chapter, D.A.R. of $100.00




Donation of fifty dollars from the Columbian chapter of the DAR to Berry Schools.


A letter pledging to donate money to the Berry schools and recognition of Louise Griffin, a former teacher.


Winifred O. Goding of the Francis Wallis Chapter of the DAR donates five dollars to the Berry schools.


The letter is asking for $150 donations to send a child to Berry for a year. A $60 donation is recorded at the top.

Ella M. Hendrickson writes that she received Miss Berry's letter thanking her class for their donation. She read the letter aloud and the class wanted to send extra help for the rebuilding of the boys' dormitory.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Cox for his gift and expresses the school's need for a new dormitory. She says that the summer students are ready to begin work and that Mr. Cox's gift should help them achieve that. Miss. Berry also expresses her hope that she will be able to keep all of the boys in school.

A note from Susan V. Clark with a $150 donation to the Berry Schools

Botsford writes to Martha Berry to let her know that, while she cannot offer financial support, she believes in what Berry is doing for the "youngsters." She highlights the importance of hard work, and says that Berry's students are "much more likely to come to something." She ends her letter by wishing Berry good health and a prosperous and happy new year.

Lily F. Carpenter encloses a donation of $150 as the second half of the scholarship in memory of her sister. She also mentioned a request for clothing in Southern Highlander and includes a package of clothing provides by a friend hoping to answer some need.

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