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Letter regarding weaving samples not available to be sent.




The Berry Schools write to Mrs. S. S. Price in regard to her order of a rag rug. The Schools regret to inform her that the weaving department is closed for the summer but offer to forward the order to her later--hopefully by September--when the department reopens.

Anna B. Mowry, treasurer to the Women's Benevolent Union of the Evangelical Congregational Church, writes Martha Berry to offer a $20 donation from her organization, although she wishes they could give more. She also writes of her particular interest in the hand weaving that is being done at Berry because she herself does some weaving on her own small loom. She ends by sending prayers to Martha Berry, her work, and the Berry Schools.

Berry regrets that Klamrothe's order for woven doilies was misplaced, but work will begin at once.

Adele Hammond writes from the R.W.S. Nova Scotia to thank Berry for the gift of a scarf and describes her wedding trip to the Caribbean. Adele adds an "O" to the monogram on her stationary to reflect her marriage to John Kensett Olyphant, Jr.

Martha writes to Mrs. Fletcher informing her that sadly there are no blue and white coverlets for sale at this time.


Berry writes to Wingo to handle the fact that she does not want guests tipping students, and that they must not take anything as it cheapens the school.

Mrs. McDonald recalls being interested in the weaving she observed when she visited the Berry Schools last. She then offers to send one of the larger looms she owns to the schools.



Miss Berry regrets that their Christmas gift to Mrs. Edwards did not make it to her in good condition. She offers to have a rug made for her and sends her a list of the available rugs.

Letter letting Mrs. Harvey know that her order for towels and baskets will be made as soon as possible.

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