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Martha Berry apologizes for missing Miss Brown while she was visiting and expresses how happy she is that Miss Brown came. She informs Miss Brown that she has been weak and unable to work and expresses her regret that the school cannot support all of the students.

Letter to Mrs. Robert Sturgis from Martha Berry informing her that Miss Berry will be happy to be with her on the 28th and 29th and also states that if there is anything that she needs her to do that she is at her service. Miss Berry also states that she is glad that Mrs. Hammond is going to be there as well. She thanks Mrs. Sturgis for being interested in the schools. Miss Berry informs Mrs. Sturgis that the schools have many visitors but that most of them only come to get ideas but that the schools need visitors who will invest in the lives of the boys and girls attending the schools. She informs Mrs. Sturgis that she is a God send to the schools and thanks her again.

An order to Mr. O. C. Skinner to prohibit visitors from visiting the campus in order to view the new buildings. In addition, there are directives to ensure the gate is locked and watched. Berry believes that Mr. Hanson is responsible for the previous lapse.

Schieffelin thanks Berry for her hospitality during his visit and encloses a copy of the description of the Foundation School he sent to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond.

The Berry Schools write to Miss Pratt saying that her letter has been received while Miss Berry is away from the office and apologize that the gates are closed to visitors on Sundays.

This document appears to be a transcript of a chapel talk or speech Mr. Peabody gave at the Berry Schools. He speaks of the privilege it is to be involved with the Berry Schools and praises Miss Berry's work as well as the hard work of the students. He talks about the importance of prayer in the difficult times after the war and the love God shows his people.

Inman writes to arrange a visit by Mrs. Reed, visiting from New York, and her mother-in-law, who is from Oil City, Pennsylvania.

Letter from Dorothy Stevens Hochler to Miss Berry in thanks after a recent visit author made to Berry. References marvelous changes made since last visit 3 years ago.

Berry provides Hanson with official notice that visitors are not allowed in the Dining Hall kitchen, Clara Hall. No one is allowed to come into any buildings or walk on the grass.

Berry is emphatic that students must not discuss personal matters with visitors. Because of the need to "be very careful of what we say to our visitors," students found to be doing so must be expelled. Typed on the reverse of Berry Schools letterhead.

Berry agrees that Wingo should invite representatives from the Madison Sanitarium and sends good wishes for Wingo's improvement.

Alice informs Miss Berry that she and Dave will be arriving in Atlanta Saturday afternoon and asks if they could spend that night at Berry. A response from Martha Berry welcomes them to come stay that night and tells them to be prepared to stay several nights.

Miss Berry apologizes for missing Mrs. Flinn when she was at Berry even though she drove all around the campus looking for her. She also apologizes that her message that Mrs. Flinn should join them for lunch at the Girl's School was not understood by the office. Miss Berry says that she would love to have Mrs. Flinn and her friends visit more of the departments at the school.

Letter to Martha Berry from alumna A. S. McClain informing Martha Berry of her visit to the schools.

Martha Berry writes to Hamrick because guests will arrive at the Foundation School soon. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Morris will arrive in a few days to see the school, because Mr. Morris' brother Noel lived there for some time.

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