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Massengill writes to Martha Berry that she is regretfully too ill to visit Berry but will hopefully be able to in the Spring. She is currently staying with her stepson and his wife in their very nice home. She is pleased to hear that a girl, Lanise, is doing very well at Berry. She says that, while she has not been able to financially support Berry, she believes in the great work being done there.

Martha writes to Mr. Ladd learning that he is in Thomasville and would be glad that he and his nurses would visit Berry.

Martha writes to Erwin Holt to thank him for his visit that is coming in October, and they have mailed another copy of the Spring Highlander.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Margaret L. Yardley extending an invitation to visit Berry.

Idaexpresss her regrets at not having seen Miss Berry during her recent visit to Berry. She continues her letterby admiring Berry's atmosphere and its faculity.

Martha writes to H. A. Strohmeyer Jr. about the possibility of him visiting Berry while he is down in the South during the summer or spring to take animal pictures.

Clark writes to Martha that he does not believe it will be possible to have any of the newspapermen come to Berry over the weekend as most will not be stopping over in Atlanta, except for one, whom he suggests she write to the Publisher of his paper.

Thanks for the wonderful luncheon and visit to the Berry Schools.

Hilsdorf writes a thank letter to Martha Berry for the scarf and visit to Berry. She remarks that the school has grown in the past five years.

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