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Berry invites Mrs. Hitchcock for some time at Berry for rest and a visit, as Mrs. Hitchcock has not been doing well and is having issues with her eyesight.

A letter thanking Martha Berry for the visit on Saturday for the Euharlee Club and how they had such a wonderful experience. He also mentions that he forgot to give the message from Harry Crider that he hopes that Martha is doing well and often thinks of her. He ends with wishing her well, and hopes that she gets a good visit from Santa Claus and that all of her wishes comes true this year.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hamrick for sending her a copy of Dickens' Christmas Carol. Miss Berry says she was glad to see Martha Hamrick and Mildred, and she hopes that Miss Shirley Hamrick can visit soon.

Martha Berry informs Shirley that she has suffered a third attack of bronchitis and is unable to make a trip to Florida to visit her as planned. Martha regrets this very much, and hopes that when Shirley is in town next that she will come and visit her for a Sunday.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hamrick for her visit and says that it made her feel much better. She says that she is still planning a trip to Florida and thanks Miss Hamrick again for her thoughtfulness.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond how wonderful it is that she is visiting Berry with her friends. She wishes that she could be there to welcome them, but explains that her cold turned into bronchitis and she has been in bed with doctors visiting her daily. Martha Berry then tells Mrs. Hammond how happy it makes her to know that her friends love the Berry Schools, expresses her hope that Mrs. Hammond's granddaughter enjoys the visit, and informs Mrs. Hammond that the gates of Berry are always open to her.

She thanks Mrs. Robert B. Haines and her husband for their recent visit to Berry and the address they gave the students that was very interesting. She writes of her hopes of their continued financial help because of their recent financial hardships that is making her fear having to send some away because of the lack of funds to support all the students.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hammond for her interest in the Berry Schools. She expresses her hope that Miss Hammond will visit Berry and see the work that they are doing firsthand. She expresses her gratitude again and wishes Miss Hammond a happy new year.

Mr. Hamilton informs Martha Berry that her letter to Mrs. Hamilton arrived, but that Mrs. Hamilton passed away the previous year. He tells her that a family friend visited Berry and was impressed by their work. He encloses a $5 donation to the scholarship fund.

The Berry Schools are alerting Miss Halligen that her letter has been received, but that Miss Berry won't be able to read it for the next three days, nor will Miss Berry be likely able to come up to Saratoga by the first of September, though the 7th or 8th will likely work.

Berry is anxious to come to Saratoga Springs in September, but needs a room on the first floor because she cannot climb stairs. An alternative would be a room nearby with meals taken at Viasana.

A thank you letter for the gift of 30 pounds of woolen blanket remnants and an invitation to come visit Berry's campus whenever is convenient.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Carlisle that her family's visit to Berry was delightful and that having Mrs. Carlisle at Berry makes her feel young again. She says that Mrs. Carlisle is counted the first and most beloved friend at Berry. She wishes Mrs. Carlisle peace and comfort and expresses her wish that Mrs. Carlisle's family will visit again soon.

Martha Berry expresses her pleasure at the anticipated visit to Berry by Leila Carlisle.



Cannon writes to tell Martha Berry that she has been reminiscing on her trip to the Berry Schools and to thank her for the Mount Berry News. She then tells Martha Berry of her trip to Orlando to visit her brother. She describes the blooming flowers and expresses her regret that she could not take photographs because she forgot her camera. She discusses her visit to Berry and thanks Martha Berry again for her hospitality. She says that she intends to send some celestial photographs for the students after her trip over seas.

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