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Martha Berry informs Mr. Ray Gustin that she received his pamphlets and hopes to utilize his services when the funds are available.


Miss Berry writes Mr. Davey to thank him for sending Mr. Brautigam to help with the trees. She says that the boys have benefitted from the instruction. She also invites Mr. Davey to visit anytime and asks him to send the moving picture.

A letter sent to Martha Berry from The Davey Tree Expert Company about different tree moving companies and suggestions on how and which companies to contact for tree removal.

Letter to the President of The Berry School from Hugo E. Birkner about insect pests and fungous diseases in the vicinity.

The Chase Nursery Company answers Miss Berry's previous letter and tells her they do no know who can move 15 or 20 large trees in that part of the country.

Hugo writes to Martha about the presence of pests and fungous diseases on some of the trees at Berry and the options available to look into the trees.

This letter discusses the visit made to the campus by Ray Geeslin as he inspected the trees. He explained that there were many trees that need work or needed to be removed. He also explained that he told the superintendent of the grounds about some good fertilization methods. He wanted to set up a time to further discuss what was found and what they can do about it.

Bonnell writes to Martha delighted to have Miss Gerry's lecture on the 23rd in the Berry auditorium, and addresses the concerns that Martha has about the motorcade from Dalton to Mt. Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Young for his donation of the magnolia seedlings.

Robert C. Young offers to give Martha Berry 10-15 magnolia seedlings free of charge.

Martha Berry writes that she is anxious to get some good prices on apple trees and would like to have A. J. Welden quote them on the cost of 150 one-year-old Winter Terry apple trees and 75 one-year-old Yates apple trees.

Robert Young is writing Martha Berry to inform her he does not have any magnolia trees. He enclosed a price list for her to look at.

E. C. Robbins writes to Martha Berry discussing the company's lack of Magnolia trees, and he suggests that she contact the Valdesian Nursery in Bostic, North Carolina.

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