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Mrs. Whitney Blake writes a letter to the Berry Schools thanking them for their delicious Christmas cake and wishes them a Happy New Year.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Clause that it was a pleasure meeting him when he came to her meeting in Augusta where they were trying to get people interested in helping the boys and girls of Berry.

Martha Berry writes to Henry Sloane to offer her personal thanks for the certificates of stock in Congo-leum-Nairn, Incorporated. She expresses her hope that it will swell the Schools' endowment fund and interest. Her letter ends with her insistence that Mr. Sloane come to visit, particularly because of his generous investment in the work of the Berry Schools.

In this letter Martha Berry send her thanks to the hotel for allowing exhibits and moving pictures (movies) while in Augusta, GA.

"M.B." writes to Bessie Bonner from the Tate Springs Hotel that she is "sending Charley back with Mrs. Wright" but will herself stay until the end of the week. She asks Bonner to let her know "what you get each day" and to write if anything comes up. She signs the letter "wish you were here."

Martha Berry writes a letter to Mrs. John Emory Hour giving thanks for a donation to the Berry School and provides her with an update on its progress.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Foley for his monetary gift as their funds are currently low. She says that the work of the school is going well and trusts that blessings will come his way because of his generous interest.

Martha Berry writes to Captain and Mrs. W. D. Southwick to thank them for their visit to the Berry Schools and the gift the left while they were there. She encourages them to tell their friends about the Berry Schools and that the current need for donations is great.

This letter to Mrs. Elisha Whittelsey from Miss Martha Berry thanks her for sending the boys and girls at Berry a gift. She also thanks her for the lavender soap. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Whittelsey where she can purchase the lavender soap because she'd like to keep a supply of it on hand.

Martha Berry writes Miss M. W. Schott to thank her for a church calendar that she sent. She wishes Miss Schott a blessed New Year and a Christmas season full of "Peace and Happiness."

Author thanks recipient for donation and reminds her of the good work her money does. Also included original letter dated June 24 containing story of Berry Scools and request for donation of $150.

Louis H. Moss writes Martha Berry to thank her for remembering him at Christmas and to extend his own well wishes to her and hers for Christmas and the New Year.

Miss Berry thanks her for her donation. She also tells her that she cannot accommodate her and her sister with a place to stay.

Martha Berry writes Catherine B. Pendleton to express her thanks for the $1000 received from the Detroit Trust Company per her instructions. She goes on to talk about a dormitory destroyed by fire and not fully covered by insurance. She expresses a great need for a new dormitory due to the crowded conditions at the Foundation School. These conditions, she claims, will force her to turn away accepted students in September if the new building is not yet complete and ready to house them.

This is a letter thanking the Connecticut DAR State Treasurer, Jennie Loomis for the gifts and help she provided for the Berry Schools from the Katherine Gaylord Chapter and the Sarah Whitman Hooker Chapter.


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