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Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Macy for donating a scholarship to help change a boy or girl's life. She invites Mrs. Macy to visit with her children. She says that Mr. and Mrs. Macy were among the first friends of Berry and that she wants their interest and generosity to continue to the future generations of Macys. Miss Berry also gives an update about how things at The Schools are going.

Martha Berry asks for help and explains how different amounts of money will help the school in different ways and asks the recipient to donate. The handwritten note at the bottom says that Mrs. Edward S. Kent has donated $100.

Letter talks of sending two Berry girls to study at Battle Creek Sanitarium and asks for catalogs describing the areas of study.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. J. H. Kellogg inquiring about him coming to the Berry Schools to give a lecture to her students. She also writes to him about two of her female students who wish to become nurses and asks about the possibility for them to get funded to study with Kellogg.

Mr. Hall asks for some favors from Miss Berry and some of her directors.

Mrs Miller sends a $$13.50 check to complete scholarship from Glymus Bible Class.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Dickey for her donation which is a greatly needed gift.

Mrs. Dickey sends a yearly check to go towards the cost of a scholarship.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Davison for her donation in the form of a permanent scholarship.

Mrs. Davison follows up on her promise of sending funds for a scholarship.

Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mrs. Davison for helping the Berry Schools in what ways she can.

Mrs. Daniels sends Martha Berry a donation and lets her know that she hopes ot send enough for a yearly scholarship.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Crane for her kind donation and expresses how much she hopes she will come to visit.

Letter from the Anne L. Brooks and Lieut. Thomas Barlow Chapter of the Rio Grande Valley offering a scholarship for a student and asking for information regarding the cost. They want to be personally involved with the process and selection of the recipient.

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