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Martha writes to Clark to thank him for the help with with Pictorial Award. She also writes about publicity to be conservative about it, due to a New York paper that hurt the feelings of some of the graduates.

Bartholomew is planning a special issue of the Three Arts Club magazine, The Foreward, that focuses on the Berry Schools. She asks permission to use a condensed version of "The Sunday Lady" and requests a photograph of Mrs. Robinson driving an ox cart. She suggests that since her acquaintances are not wealthy, and thus among those the Pilgrims are expected to invite to the upcoming dinner, she might be given a list of Atlantans to invite.

Berry encloses a small check for Catherine to use in camp, in appreciation for all Armes has done for Berry. She reports that Marian Berry is to be married to Prince Sigismondo Chigi and that while she was not invited to the wedding it was suggested that she send a $10,000 gift. She invites Armes to visit, as there is splendid material for an article for Personality and asks that she send a copy of her contribution to the Pictorial Review.

P.G. Andrews telephoned to arrange a visit to the school by feature writer Willie Snow Ethridge

Berry sends photographs to L'Engle, with permission to publish them if desired.

Tracy L'Engle of the Encyclopaedia Britannica asks Miss Berry for photographs of the schools for a section on outstanding mountaineer schools in the United States.

Mr. Fletcher asks Miss Berry to send a 1000 word document emphasizing the spiritual or philanthropic side of the schools, as well as some photographs, for an article in the Boston Evening Transcript.

Although Miss Berry is away, an article and photographs are enclosed for Fletcher's use in the Boston Transcript.

Mr. Gilreath writes to Martha that he will gladly renew the annual publicity arrangement between the Berry schools.

The Berry Schools write to the Gilreath Syndicate to authorize to enter a subscription of the Berry Schools to their publicity service for a year.

Wingo has written stories for the Southern Highlander or a leaflet, and asks Bonner to have Martha Berry read and verify her information.

Berry tells Ochs that the publicity about his offer to raise a million dollar endowment for the schools is having a detrimental impact on her ability to raise regular operating funds. She suggests that it will be better to curtail publicity about the attempt to raise the endowment.

Ochs agrees to Berry's proposal of a story about the school in The Chattanooga Times, but regrets that he will not be able to visit Rome.

Audrey Davis asks for a statement about the work and accomplishments regarding the Berry Schools for Doctor Kelly so that he may release the information for publicity.


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