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Sloane encloses contributions from herself and Jean for two funds, the library and the anniversary find.

Mr. Harold Richards informed Miss Berry of his mother's death. He also informs her of the book order his mother was working on and gave an update.

Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

This is a letter to Mr. W. P. Waterhouse from Martha Berry about a possible book donation. Miss Berry says that they have a limited library space so they can only accept books that will be useful to her students and referred his letter to the librarian.

Robert Sparks Walker writes Martha Berry to inform her that either he or his publisher will be sending Martha Berry a copy of his new book of poetry.

Gertrude M. Richards encloses a check from Mr. Clarence W. Barron and recounts fond memories of her visit with Martha Berry at Mrs. Hammond's.

Martha Berry asks for an autographed copy of Mr. Kahn's new book for the Berry Schools' library.

This undated letter is apparently a draft of correspondence from the librarian to Kate Macy Ladd after she funded the original Memorial Library. Conditions in the present library space are very crowded; adequate seating space and beautiful surroundings will mean much to the students. However, the letter also describes the current book collection as made up entirely of gifts as there has been no fund for books. The letter mentions recommended per pupil allocations, as well as a new list of books recommended for high school libraries that the librarian hopes will be listed in the Southern Highlander.

Martha writes to Mrs. Ladd sorry to hear about Mr. Ladd and his fall. She then gives an update on her own mother and how she is doing, as well as how the library building is doing in construction.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hall for her offer of a subscription to the DAR Magazine and asks that she have the subscription sent to the library.


Thank you letter for donation on the Eagan Plan. Martha reminds reader of being encouraged by her best and first friends. Mentions boys dorm fire causing boys to live in tents til new quarters are built.

A member of The Berry Schools sends Mrs. Meacham a letter of thanks in Martha Berry's absence for the books.

Berry thanks Meacham for the offer to send books to the school. Since the school cannot afford to fill the library on their own, they rely on donations and Berry writes that she very much appreciates the Meachams' gift.

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