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Berry is sending Dr. Goldthwaite's address; she has heard he completely cured a woman of her severe arthritis. She informs Wingo of a request from the Girls School students that Miss Smith not be allowed to return and asks for Wingo's opinion.

Berry thanks Wheeler for her recent gift, saying that it has been a long time since Wheeler was at the school. Berry has been ill with a cold and unable to make speeches and make new friends for school. She suggests that people should include the school in their wills.

Wheeler encloses a donation and inquires about Berry's health. Wheeler has been very anxious about the health of the daughter of her companion Mrs. Grimes.

Berry wishes that Sloane would visit, and suggests that he speak with R. Fulton Cutting, who visited recently. She regrets that she has had to cancel speaking engagements because of bronchitis.

Berry informs Neal that the meeting with Mr. Bierwith [Bierwirth] and Mr. Jones has been arranged for the morning of the 7th rather than the 5th due to illness.

Lucile W. Murchison writes to finalize arrangements for Martha Berry's talk to her women' group and a luncheon afterwards. Murchison expresses the hope that Berry's "cure" at Carlsbad has benefitted her.

Ladd reports on a health set-back, the weather, visitors, and an impending trip.

Martha Berry has been much in Ladd's thoughts, but Christmas commitments, deaths and illness in the family, and her own serious kidney attack have prevented her from writing. She knows Berry understands, but wanted this time to write in her own hand. [pages out of order]

Martha Berry provides details for her trip to Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Gertrude Johnson of her plans to visit Battle Creek Sanitarium. For an exhibit, she plans bring a student helper, examples of materials woven at the school, and motion pictures of the school.


A letter to Miss Berry with Erwin Holt' s annual Thanksgiving $500 dollar donation attached. He states his great love for Berry and desire to support it. Next, he mentions that he was so thankful and delighted that Martha won the Pictorial Review Award. Erwin next talks about the great increase of his wife's health after her tonsil surgery. Erwin Holt also mentions that he has included a clipping of the article relative to Miss Berry and the Award, and says he will definitely be thinking of her on Nov. 20th when she receives the award.

This is a letter to Miss Berry from Dr. Goldthwait in regard to Miss Wingo being hospitalized. Dr. Goldthwait explains that he will help Miss Wingo at Corey Hill Hospital and he informs Miss Berry on the cost and services provided.

Berry asks Goldthwait to take Alice Wingo, who has become disabled by arthritis, as a patient.

Berry writes to thank Dr. Fehtig for donating a violin to the school's orchestra. She shares that the school has a 'splendid violin teacher' who can repair old violins. She also shares that she is still 'very much worried over the law suit' and wishes he were closer so that she could have a treatment.

Martha Berry writes of her disappointment at missing a trip to Carlsbad, but was needed to care for her sister after an automobile accident.

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