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Bernice V. Brown asks Miss Berry for advice on how the Fords make gifts to schools. She has Mrs. Ford's interest but has heard nothing in a long time and asks Miss Berry how they make payments.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Booth for her interest in the work but explains to her that the Ford buildings only meet some of the needs of the three schools which are more in need than ever.

Letter from Martha Berry to her youngest sister and wife of Blue Diamond Coal Company president Alexander Bonnyman, Sr., Frances Berry Bonnyman. Berry reports that she is ill and asks Bonnyman to stop in Mount Berry on her way to New York. She informs Bonnyman that Bonnyman's sister-in-law, Mrs. James Bonnyman, would be welcome to stay with Isabel and Tom.

Berry reports that the Rome newspaper has published untrue reports about the donations of Clara and Henry Ford, benefactors of the college. Henry Ford refuses to refute the newspaper's claims, and the college is receiving unwanted negative attention because of the contents of the article(s).


Bertha Black thanks Martha Berry for the bag of lavendar and congratulates her on the gift from the Fords.



Mr. Bestor explains his disappointment that he and his wife were not able to visit Berry on their trip to Florida. He also expresses interest in Ford's contributions and hopes that Miss Berry will have a little relief from her financial burdens.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Bestor for the congratulations and explains that it is difficult for many people to understand that Ford's gift was in buildings at the Girl's School so they still need to work hard to raise money to run the other schools.


Mr. Bestor writes that he and Mrs. Bestor are very excited about the gift of the Ford buildings and congratulates Miss Berry.


Berry asks Wingo to have a group of girls in Clara Hall write to Mr. and Mrs. Ford expressing their appreciation for the privilege of living there.

John Harvey Kellogg regrets that Martha Berry was not able to visit the sanitarium in the fall but is glad to hear of the support Berry is receiving from Mr. Ford.

Henry Ford's secretary sends Miss Berry a letter with the donation of $25,000.

In this letter E.G. Liebold, General Secretary to Henry Ford, tells Mr. Hoge that he sent a letter to Mr. Grove in Atlanta to bring the Berry Schools the proper machinery to repair a Model A.

A letter from E.H. Hoge expressing the schools' gratitude to the Ford Motor Company in exchanging the Model "T" equipment for the new Model "A".

E. H. Hoge thanks Mr. Campsall for the shipment of thirty-six tons of Sulphate and Ammonia from Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. The shipment cost came to $2689.40 according to the Central Georgia Railway. Hoge greatly appreciates the kindness from Mr. Ford and assures him that they enjoyed his most recent visit.

Mrs. Ford tells Miss Berry when she is arriving and what day she will spend the day.

In this letter E.H. Hoge sends Mr. Campsall a bill for three hundred and twenty five bags of flour.

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