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Walter Wood writes to decline Martha Berry's suggestion to give an endowment in someone's name because he dislikes that practice but he includes his regular check.


Jenny Tracy apologizes for not being able to attend the dinner Martha Berry has planned. She says she will be able to pledge one hundred dollars toward the endowment fund.

Martha writes to Mr. Soper thanking him for the clipping he sent her. She notes that she wishes more of their friends would realize there is no better cause to donate to when they have no further use for it.


Martha Berry writes to Henry Sloane to offer her personal thanks for the certificates of stock in Congo-leum-Nairn, Incorporated. She expresses her hope that it will swell the Schools' endowment fund and interest. Her letter ends with her insistence that Mr. Sloane come to visit, particularly because of his generous investment in the work of the Berry Schools.

Letter to Alma Shriner from Martha Berry informing her that she is sending the Financial Audit for the fiscal year at Berry that she requested. She also informs her that they raised the money needed for the building at the girls school which was $250,000. She also informs her that the only expense needs they have at the moment are running expenses and endowment. She also offers any other information that she may need regarding the schools.

Rose M. Munger sends a check for $25 and apologizes for not being able to give the endowment in memory of her mother.


Mrs. Merrick writes with payment toward endowment pledge.


Berry remembers her visit with Ladd fondly, commenting on Ladd's loveliness. She plans to order the piano for Lemley soon, which the boys think is wonderful.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kendall thanking her for the generous gift that was from her sister and suggests that they will make it an endowment in memory of her sister. She mentions that when she is in New York she wishes to see Mrs. Kendall or alternatively Martha suggests that Mrs. Kendall could come to Berry.

In this letter Gertrude Moore asks Miss Achelis how much of the one million dollars is secured already.


Irene R. Power, secretary to Mr. John Markle, responds to Mrs. Hammond's request about endowing days at The Berry Schools. He says that the John and Mary R. Markle Foundation is full and cannot endow any days.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond thanking her for her letter and says that it is so kind of her to try to raise $100,000 of the million dollars. Martha Berry says that she thinks it would be better to start with half a million because she has a friend that promised to give $100,000 if they raise $400,000. She says that she thinks she should try visiting her friends in Boston and that she's greatly enjoyed reading the booklet from the Pilgrim Fifth Annual Trip to Berry.

In this letter EVH tells Martha Berry about some decisions that were made at a banquet. The nine decisions range from deciding to raise $1 million for the endowment fund to asking if Martha Berry could charge the visitors for room and board at the schools.

Martha writes to Mrs. Hammond about establishing and raising the endowment with the help of the Pilgrims who have left the campus just recently.

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