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Mrs. DeLaittre comments on the terrible weather and hopes to get some information from Martha Berry

Martha Berry hopes that Mr. Davis will visit her.

Martha Berry talks of the dreadful conditions and their impact.

Martha Berry lets her friend know how important donations of any amount are in this trying time.

Mrs. Crouch encloses a check to help The Berry Schools.

Mrs. Carey encloses a small gift and says that Miss Berry need not go to the expense of stamp and paper in reply.


Mrs. Burke's secretary encloses a check in reply to the recent circular letter. She also says that people in Ohio are much more in need of help from the drought than those in Georgia.


Miss Brown writes of her sorrow to hear of the drought plaguing The Berry Schools and sends her check with her hopes that others will do the same.


Mrs. D. S. Blossom, of South Euclid, Ohio, sends $100 in response to the "drouth solicitation."

Martha Berry is sending Mrs. Baker information about the Berry Schools to present to her D.A.R. chapter. She also would like for Mrs. Baker to ask the chapter members to vote for her in the Good Housekeeping contest on the twelve greatest American women. She mentions that the South has been experiencing a drought.

Miss Allen writes to Miss Berry to help out the Schools during the drought and makes note of a change of address.


Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Frank R. Abbey in appreciation of her gift.

O. W. Fraser writes about waiting until cool weather before shipping some bulbs that Berry had ordered. Fraser also writes about the need to water the trees at Berry during the drought.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking people to include the Berry Schools in the Income Tax Report. She appeals to reason by saying that they can write off the donation for taxes but also emotion when she talks about the drought that has hit.

Emma Reynolds (E.R.) thanks Martha Berry (M.B.) for preserves that M.B. gave her as a gift from the female students being trained in making preserves at Berry College. E.R. then tells M.B. that she is sorry about the drought and its impact at Berry College. Lastly, E.R. wishes M.B. a happy New Year (1926).

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