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Mrs. Hammond sends a telegram about Mrs. Marquand's death from a heart attack and provides information on the funeral.

The Secretary of the president of Michigan University writes to inform Martha that Marion Burton died several years ago.


In this letter Mrs. Bowerman's Daughter informs Martha Berry that her mother, Mrs. J. R. Bowerman has passed away.


Mrs. Akeley's secretary explains to Martha Berry that Mr. Carl Akeley died on November 17, 1926 in the Kivu region of the Belgian Congo.

Miss Berry asks Mr. Markle to endow a day in Mrs. Markle's memory, since she was a great friend of Berry and her memory should live on in their records.

Martha Berry is writing this letter to ask for money for the schools for their 25th anniversary. Mr. Dean seems to be a mutual friend of both Miss Berry and Mr. Pratt and he had donated money to the schools before. Miss Berry's mother had just passed and she hadn't been able to get donations for the schools however she knew that Mr. Dean would help had he been alive still. Therefore, she asks for help from Mr. Pratt.

Anna is writing Miss Berry to inform her of her sister Mary's death the year prior. She is also stating that she will continue to donate to Miss Berry's school on her sister's behalf and thanks her for her great work.

An anonymous author writes a letter to Mrs. Henry White in regards to the passing of her husband, Mr. White.

Mr. Watson thanks Miss Berry for the box of cotton she sent his father, but asks that his father is taken off the mailing list since he died in 1925.



Miss Berry sends the engraving company a sample appreciation card and requests 75 of them engraved with the message "The family of Mrs. Thomas Berry gratefully acknowledge your kind thought and expression of sympathy." She says the other cards will be returned under separate cover.

Letter to inform Martha Berry that her sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles E. Sherman, has died.



Miss Berry writes Miss Sawtelle to thank her for bringing the cotton mistake to her attention. She explains that the office accidentally sent a box of cotton to Miss Van Vredenburgh even though there was a note on the card that she had passed away.

Martha Berry writes to apologize for sending a Christmas gift addressed to Miss Van Vrenenburgh who passed away. Although the Berry schools know that Vrenenburgh died, they keep her name on the active mailing list because her estate regularly continues to send donations.

The Berry Schools express their regret that Miss Loew's mother has died, as she was always so invested into the schools. They hope Miss Loew will continue her mother's work with the schools and explain how donation of old clothing works.

This letter thanks Mrs. Lake for her donation, and the clothes her daughter sent to the schools. Miss Berry also mentions the death of her mother.

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