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Mary Ober writes in thanks for the Christmas cotton.

Adelaide M. Megeath writes to Martha Berry to donate $100 and commend her for the work she does at the schools. She also thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received and informs her that her daughter Virginia got married and changed her name. She says that she has always wanted to visit the schools but has never been able to.

Lyman thanks Miss Berry for sending an interesting box of cotton, and explains her delay in writing t Miss Berry

Mrs. Life thanks Martha Berry for the box of cotton she received.


Martha Lambert thanks Martha Berry for the cotton she received before Christmas.

Florence Kinzer writes Martha Berry to thank her for her thoughtful gift of cotton pods. She also kindly requests that her sister, Mrs. McNabb, be removed from Martha's list, as she passed away three years prior.

Ella Kintz writes Martha Berry a short letter of thanks.

Mr. Kalbfleisch thanks Miss Berry for the excellent cotton.


Reverend Irving writes to Miss Berry thanking her for the gift of cotton from the Berry Schools. He also writes saying that he has enclosed his usual check for the New Year and his prayers and wishes for Miss Berry and the School.

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