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Gift of $10 from the Thirty-Eighth Continental Congress DAR chapter.


Contribution of $10, received December 18, 1929, from Mrs. S. L. Heath from the Baron Steuben Chapter of the DAR, Bath, New York.


Thank you letter to the Aurantia Chapter for $100.


Clippert sends Thanksgiving wishes and regrets that hard times and poverty in her own city prevent her from sending a larger contribution.

Raymond L. Wolven, Chaplain to the Bishop of Washington Cathedral, writes to enclose the Bishop's contribution.

Frederic Vaux Wistar encloses a contribution in support of Elizabeth.

As secretary of the Social Study Board of the Mary C. Wheeler School, Eastwood inquires about the possibility of targeting their contribution to Berry to a specific purpose.

Katherine S. Mooney writes on behalf of Mr. Howard B. Tuttle, enclosing his $200 contribution.

C.W. Slade encloses $150 for a new pupil.

Miss Berry explains how the contribution of the donor will be used for the students.

A contribution of $20.00 from the Pro Christo Society of Park Place Congregational Church.

Donation of $2,500 on a blank Board of Trustees Forms of Bequest from Mrs. Katherine Pomeroy to the Berry Schools.

Letter indicates contribution of $10 and congratulations for winning an unstated prize.

Note to Mr. Pratt, trustee of the Charles A. Dean Welfare Trust, thanking him for contributions of $250 and $50 with two receipts enclosed.

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