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Letter written on behalf of Mrs. H.L. Wayland, accompanying her annual contribution to the schools. Mr. McCarstey states that Mrs. Wayland is too ill to write the letter herself.

John Stanley writes Martha Berry to inform her of a $75.00 donation being made to the Berry Schools.

This is a letter from Mrs. E.W. Spurr to Martha Berry. Mrs. Spurr is writing to say that she has enclosed a small contribution for the good work that Miss Berry has done.

George C. Perkins from Newark donates $100.

Letter to Martha Berry from William S. Myers acknowledging that he received her letter and are including a contribution of $10.00 to help rebuild the boys dormitory. They trust that although the donation is small that it may be of service.

Mrs. Slivers sends her yearly contribution to Berry.


Mildred C. Ennis, State Treasurer of the New Jersey DAR, writes to request separate receipts for contributions from various DAR chapters, rather than the joint receipts issued previously.


John Markle encloses a $500 contribution, sent after his wife, Mary R. Markle described the work of the Berry Schools.

A letter from Clark Foreman of the Georgia Committee on Interracial Cooperation to Martha Berry and Berry Schools. Mr. Foreman visited Berry and praises Ms. Berry for her contributions to the field of education. Included was a ten dollar donation.

Letter from Lucetta Daniell to inform Martha Berry that her donation of five dollars will come each year on July first from then on.

Ella writes to Martha with a small contribution to the schools. Telling Martha that her achievement is an inspiration to everyone.

William Harrison writes to Martha Berry in the hopes he may contribute to a boy's scholarship, who was featured in a pamphlet Harrison received about the schools. He is happy to make a $150 contribution.

Martha Berry asks Grady to thank every faculty member and student who recently gave money for the new dormitory.

A member of The Berry Schools sends Mrs. Meacham a letter of thanks in Martha Berry's absence for the books.

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