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A letter to Clara explaining that she wrote a donation check wrong and instructing her how to correct it.

R. A. Franks writes an anonymous man, "Sir," to inform him that his checks and vouchers for Miss Martha Berry are awaiting her arrival.

Frederick W. Millspaugh writes Martha Berry with a donation totaling $60 from the Sons of the American Revolution. Martha Berry writes back to express her gratitude for the gift.

This letter to Martha Berry is a response to her request for the amounts of the New Jersey chapters of the Berry Schools through the Treasury General. It appears that Martha Berry was not given these numbers beforehand, and Mildred C. Ennis assures her that she will get them to her with the check in the future.

Adele Marie sends two checks to Martha Berry from Mrs. William Andrews Clark and Mrs. Hugette M. Clark (each $100) towards the work of the Berry Schools.

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