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Harry J. Carlson writes about the need to upgrade the organ in the chapel, providing Martha Berry with advice about how to proceed.

Martha Berry writes to say that work has begun on the chapel and requests that the donation from Arthur Curtiss James for that purpose be sent.

Miss Berry is trying to get Dr. Butler to come and speak at the Berry Schools for a chapel service.

Berry thanks Selden for his contribution and asks that he send the names of prospective donors to fund for building a gymnasium.

Berry thanks Sloane for his contributions and discusses the cost of chimes for the chapel.



Berry thanks Sloane for the gift of clothing and expresses her hope that it will be possible for him to donate chimes for the Chapel.

In this letter Alice B. Warden is forwarding letters to Martha Berry from The Austin Organ Company in regards to a new organ for the chapel.

Martha Berry writes that she is glad Ruby Summerall's wedding will be in the chapel and instructs Summerall to plan the wedding however she wishes.

Beaten biscuit recipe, dairy help for Mrs. Hodgeon, and asking Miss Berry to give her away at wedding.

Miss Berry sends Col. Tate a blue print of the marble ballstrade (balustrade) attached to the chapel at the Boys School. They would like to use the marble from Tate Marble Works only if he could make a donation or a concession to the price.

Berry alumni David Driggers writes to thank Martha Berry for her invitation to use the Berry Chapel for his wedding to Ruby. Driggers credits Berry with preparing him for his current occupation of interior decorator.

Martha returns a questionnaire to Mr. Lee inquiring as to whether the school's chapel is suitable. She tells him that in the future it may need to be expanded to compensate for a larger student body, but for right now everything is just fine.

The Berry Schools would like Mr. Blake to make a visit to the schools on the same day he is scheduled to speak ay the Chamber of Commerce in Rome, GA.

Samuel I. Cooper of Cooper and Cooper Architects informs Martha Berry that he has taken several drawings to Mr. Hamrick so that he can begin work on the Chapel.

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