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Martha Berry writes to thank "Little Miss Sallie Frances Keown" for a box of Valentine's Day candy.

Armes reports on selling lavender bags and orders more. She is looking forward to her visit to Berry, where she hopes to be "a regular Berry schoolgirl."

This is a short note from Robert Woodruff to Martha Berry thanking her for a box of home-made candy she sent him for Christmas.

Anne Wyman thanks Martha Berry for the candy that was sent to her at Christmas time.


Shaw thanks Berry for the Christmas candy. She is sorry to hear of Frances Rhea Berry's accident, and describes her own Christmas as lonely due to the death of her mother. She reports on recent activities of her sons, Albert and Roger, and their wives, and sends good wishes for the new year.

Schieffelin writes in thanks for a wonderful visit to Berry and reports on her trip to Vanderbilt University with Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, where Hammond spoke about the schools and recited poetry. A handwritten note adds thanks for Berry's letter about the endowed day for Schieffelin's daughter.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Price for the candy she sent for the Possum Trot students, and tells her about the Berry endowment fund.



Lists of people receiving presents (fruit cakes, angel food cakes, lavender bags, paper knives, candy) from the Berry Schools at Christmas in 1927.

Berry is thanking Loomis for his donation of candy that he will be giving around the holidays.

This letter was sent to inform Miss Berry that she will be receiving a package of candy for the boys and girls at the schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Ladd to thank her for the Christmas candy she sent, and tells her how happy it makes the students. She informs Mrs. Ladd that Christmas was sad as her mother broke her hip and then passed away in December. She says that the end was peaceful, however, and that the whole family was together. She explains that she thought about telegraphing Mrs. Ladd because she needed sympathy but since Mrs. Ladd was unwell, Miss Berry decided to wait to write.

Mr. Kirby thanks Miss Berry for the Christmas gift of homemade candy.

John W. Frothingham sends a post card with a European street scene in Berne on the Rue du Marche. He says that his secretary wrote to him to tell him that a box of candy came for him at Christmas. He is sorry that they couldn't enjoy the candy, but he and his wife are in Berne where his wife is taking a "long course of treatment for her terrible malady," a problem with the pituitary gland.

Miss Berry expresses her delight at the fact that Miss Hall enjoyed the candy and did not send it to Mr. Sloane. She also apologizes for the mistake of sending the letter to Mr. Sloane initially.

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