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Letter to Martha Berry from W. F. Caldwell asking her is she could send an advance copy of the address she is making to the American Forestry Association at their next meeting.

Shepard writes that he has retired and that his address should be changed to the address shown in this letter. He writes that he is unable to make contributions at present.


Jane du B. Roberts writes to correct her address and send $5 to the school.

Letter requests Mrs. Hooker to confirm and/or provide her correct address so Berry can mail her publications from time to time.


Letter to Miss Berry from the secretary of Charles H. Swift considering a donation to the schools. Mr. Howell also asks that Mr. Swift's address be changed to the one displayed on the letter.

Miss Berry receives a letter regarding some information she asked concerning Mrs. Lasell.

Information on the summer address for Mrs. Hall Jr.

The Berry Schools ask Hammond to forward their letter to Mrs. Augusta P. Hope and to provide them with her present address.

Miss Mary Taber donates $100.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Wm Smith Shaw requesting a list of the Regents or Treasurers and their addresses so that she may revise the Berry Schools' list of addresses.
The reply, coming from Mrs. Shaw, says that the current Regents will go out of office soon and to write back after May 1st for an updated list.

Elizabeth Hughes Kerns apologizes that she does not have any copies of the State Roster of the DAR and gives her the address of Mrs. Claude H. Thompson, who would be able to provide Miss Berry with one.

Letter from Anna May Bowman to Martha Berry describing an address change for the Waukegan Illinois Chapter.

Martha Berry lets Rev. Harden know that she is looking forward to his visit.


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