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Berry asks Inman to arrange for an exhibit at the national DAR conference.


Martha writes to Louise to let her know about the moving pictures at the Bon-Air Vanderbilt. She also makes note of not being very public about the meetings so Mr. Martin isn't flooded with requests about the products at Berry.

Martha Berry asks Mrs Inman to have a Sunshine exhibit while she is on her vacation in Savannah and Augusta.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Crow that she has sent articles as well as a trunk on the Sunshine articles to be displayed in her exhibition.

Bartholomew, one of the 1928 Pilgrims, asks for prices for white Angora wool scarves and wishes to have one sent to her mother in Atlanta.

Martha writes to Anna to thank her for the gift that was sent to the Berry Schools, she writes that she will see what the trouble is with the baby blanket and why the colors faded.

This is a letter from the Berry School to Mrs. Weber pertaining to quilts. The school is happy that she is pleased with the quilt. As soon as the Sunshine Cottage reopens in the fall, she will be receiving a larger quilt upon her earlier request.

Martha Berry writes this letter to Miss Jessie Ross to tell her to not let anyone from Rome, Georgia into the Sunshine Cottage unless they have written permission or are accompanied by office staff.

The Berry Schools explain that Miss Berry is away from the schools but that if she promised the feathers would be made up then Mrs. Matthews should send them to the schools and they'll put the order in for her. They warn her that it may take several weeks because the department hasn't been open for the summer.

Miss Johnson writes to Martha with a check for 25 dollars. She also talks to Martha about her previous visit to the Berry Schools.

Berry instructs Hackett not to let anyone from Rome, Georgia into Sunshine Cottage unless they have written permission or are accompanied by a member of the office staff.

Miss Berry regretfully informs Mrs. Murray that she cannot send any Berry products for sale even though it would be good advertising. Their work room is inadequate and they only have a limited supply of products. She hopes that she may be able to send some items in the future.

Martha Berry writes to Hammond to make housing arrangements for the upcoming visit. Seventeen rooms have been set aside and the guests will be entertained at the Girls School.


This documents lists the names of the "New York Pilgrims" who will visit Berry. Included in the list are Alice and Rachel Hammond, Mrs. Henry Marquad, Mrs. Robert Bacon, Mrs. Charles Tracy, Mrs. George Lawrence, Mrs. Lenzettel, Mrs. L. Bringham Chisholm, Mrs. Elizabeth Achelis, Mrs. Goddard Du Bois, Mrs. Huntington Jackson, Mrs. Edward Morrison, Mrs. Rancis Rogers, Miss Stella Minor, Mrs. Frank Fremont-Smith, and Mrs. Edward Mead.

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