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Miss Berry's letter to "Boys and Girls" giving them an quarterly letter. Provides updates of the institute.

Martha Berry writes to thank V. Everit Macy for a gift for Pilgrim Hall and describes the beginning of construction of the residence hall. She writes tenderly of his wife Edith Carpenter Macy, of the library given in her memory, and of her own waning strength.

Loomis expresses interest in contributing to the schools, writing to Berry that although locally he gives without regard to race, creed, or color, he is particularly interested in his substantial gifts benefiting "100% American Protestant boys and girls." He would wish to give at least $5,000 and place a bronze table commemorating his family.

Mrs. Lambert informs Mrs. Hammond that she is sending $500.00 to the Berry Schools for Pilgrim Hall to be built.

Martha Berry tells Ladd how much she has been in her thoughts and thanks her for the Christmas candy that meant so much to the boys and girls. They took only one day for Christmas, keeping the students on campus so that they would not bring illness from home. Berry updates Ladd on Frances Ball's health, regretting that she had to leave her niece alone at Johns Hopkins Hospital over the holiday.


Wishing she could be with her, Martha Berry updates Ladd on what is going on both for her as well as for Berry.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Ladd to thank her for her contribution to "Pilgrim Hall."

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the new piano and reminds Ladd that she wants a photograph of her like the one she sent for Lemley Hall. Berry hopes to see Ladd in Bar Harbor over the summer.

Martha Berry tells Ladd about the visit by the Pilgrims and the gift commitments they made. Berry says that the boys are delighted with the photograph Ladd sent of herself for Lemley Hall, but that she is jealous and wants one for herself.

Higginson wishes she could send a lager donation, saying that Hammond's welcome by hundreds of students each holding a light must have made her feel rewarded.

Hamrick has met with Mr. Skinner about the Spence School fundraising plan, and provides some comparable information for Pilgrim Hall fundraising.

Berry asks Hamrick to go over a fundraising plan she has from the Spence School with Mr. Skinner, in order to make a similar one to use in fundraising for Pilgrim Hall.

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