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Letter forwarding a Recommendation Blank for the Pictorial Review Award for Dr. Poe to complete and thanking him for the commencement address.

Letter indicates contribution of $10 and congratulations for winning an unstated prize.

Letter to Pennsylvania Governor Clifford Pinchot reminding him that their last meeting was in Washington, DC when President Coolidge presented them each with a Roosevelt Medal. Berry writes to ask if he will write a recommendation to the Pictorial Review Award Committee, stating that his endorsement will "mean a great deal" and that she is "anxious to win the award this year."

Mrs. Yeargan writes to Martha with a congratulations on the Pictoral Review.

Letter of congratulations on Martha Berry winning the Pictorial Review's award of $5000 for distinctive achievement in social welfare.

The Swarthmore Chautauqua Association President, Paul M. Pearson, writes a congratulations letter to Miss Martha Berry after being awarded the Pictorial Award.

Mr. Ochs congratulates Miss Berry on her Pictorial Review Award.

This is a letter to Martha Berry from John D. McCartney in which he congratulated Martha Berry on her award of the Pictorial Review. He also discussed his visits to the Berry Schools.

Mr. Peabody congratulates Miss Berry on being awarded the Pictorial Review.

Ms. Ladd congratulates Martha Berry and thanks her for calling.

Mr. Holt offers his congratulations to Miss Berry, as he heard through the Greensboro and Charlotte papers.

Mr. Henson congratulates Miss Berry on her Pictorial Review Award after seeing the news in the Atlanta Constitution.

Mr. Edmonds writes that Martha Berry has received a $5,000 magazine prize from Manufacturer's Record.

Undated & unsigned letter about a $5,000.00 prize given to Miss. Berry by The Pictorial Review Magazine for 1927. Also lists all men & women Judges of International rewards within their respective fields. Also within the past five years, the Nation has conferred upon Miss. Berry two (2) outstanding honors.

Pennybacker writes in congratulation for Berry's achievements and to remind her to select a student to receive the Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker Scholarship.

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