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Miss Berry informs Miss Walker that she has written Miss Florence Schopp that she will be happy to see her in New York. Miss Berry also gives Miss Walker an update on the work at the Schools.

Ada Van Vechten recalls a visit to the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, contrasting the beautiful scenery with the poverty they witnessed among the residents of the area.

In this letter to Mrs. Sturgis, Miss Berry lets her know that she will be leaving for New York on November 23rd. She requests that Mrs. Sturgis wire her what time she has engagements on the next Monday.

Mrs. William Sloane sends a donation letter to Martha Berry for the amount of $150.

Albert Shaw, Jr. from The American Review of Reviews asks Martha Berry for information about the author of a submitted manuscript, Mr. Elwood I. Terry. Terry's manuscript contains a theory that if whiskey can be utilized for medicinal purposes moonshiners should be permitted to make it under governmental supervision. Shawinquires as to how Berry is doing and says he would like to visit Mount Berry again soon.

Christmas wish note with $25.


Mrs. Lyden discusses the forty years that have passed since she and Martha Berry attended Madame Lefebvre's (sic) school together. She also donates $25 towards Berry's Silver Anniversary.


Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Ladd for everything that she has done for the Berry Schools. Martha Berry also tells Mrs. Ladd that she will be coming up to New York to see her.

Barbara Wey sends thanks for the Christmas preserves and regrets that she cannot provide financial support for the schools. She hopes that Miss Best at the Rye Country Day School can get her students interested, as she did Miss Wey.

Martha Berry asks Mrs. Rothschild for help with raising money for the re-building of the dormitory at the Foundation School. Berry says that even though she knows Mrs. Rothschild is very busy, she believes she is "the kind of person who can always do one more thing."

This note from Mrs. Paige is requesting that Miss Berry send a pamphlet about the schools for fundraising purposes.

Martha Berry's very personal letter to Kate Macy Ladd includes references to Ladd's husband, Walter Graeme Ladd, and her nurse-companion, Alice Lemley, as well as to Berry's mother and childhood nurse.

Letter to Mrs. Henry Marquand from Martha Berry thanking her for interesting her friends in The Berry Schools. She informs Mrs. Marquand that she will use Mrs. Meyer's gift to rebuild the dormitory. She also informs Mrs. Marquand that she will be with Mrs. Hammond at Mt. Kisco and then go from there to Chautauqua. Miss Berry also says that she hopes to see Mrs. Marquand when she is in New York.

Henry McHarg informs Martha Berry his wife has died and that he is her sole heir and that he plans to give The Berry Schools $10,000, which will yield $500 in interest per annum.

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