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Martha Berry explains to Mrs. Hammond that the Southern Highlander will be ready to send out by November 10th and sends information for advertising the meeting at St. Bartholomew.

Martha Berry discusses impending arrangements for her to speak on NBC radio from New York and who should be invited.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for her birthday wishes and describes the student procession and putting small gifts for her in a basket. Berry alerts Hammond to the Good Housekeeping contest to select the 12 most accomplished women in America.

Hammond sends Berry "loving birthday greetings."

Berry feels that her health is improved after a rest cure at Carlsbad, and very much wants to speak at St. Bartholomew. She will be glad to give a radio speech at any time convenient to Hammond. Inez has been ill and away from work for three months, so Berry will need to find a girl who can accompany her to New York. She hopes that Kate Macy Ladd will donate an industrial building in memory of V. Everit Macy.

Donations totaling $3.00 were submitted by Mrs. John Henry Hammond on behalf of Miss Ethel M. Green and Mrs. Bessie MacLuman.

Hammond sends articles from the Pilgrims in case they can be used in the Highlander. Hammond spoke about Berry recently, which led to an invitation for Berry to speak in the fall. Arrangements for Berry to speak at St. Bartholomew are in progress.

Maguire, secretary to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond encloses a donation from Mrs. Donald M. Forgan, to be credited to the Pilgrim Hall endowment. She notes that Mrs. Malcolm D. Sloane is now Mrs. Albert D. Smith.

Notice that a contribution from Mrs. Donald Brown that Hammond forwarded has been received and credited to the Pilgrim Hall fund.

Berry thanks Hammond for her recent gift and response to the Mother's Day appeal. Berry reports that Inez Wooten is still away on her wedding trip, and that Berry "gave away" Hattie McDougald at her wedding. Berry appreciates Hammond's invitation to visit her at Mt. Kisco, but will not be able to get away.

Hammond sends $1,000 because she knows there are always extra expenses at the end of the school year. Hammond hopes Berry is not too tired after commencement, and asks her to visit them in Mt. Kisco.

The Berry Schools writes to Mrs. Hammond to thank her for the historical pictures. They will be framed in the school shops and hung on the walls of the recitation halls.

Baker explains that he has shipped Berry a number of historical pictures given by Mrs. John Henry Hammond. He states that Mrs. Hammond wants to pay the express charges that might be incurred at Berry.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond sends good wishes to the Berry graduates.

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