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Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond to tell her that the Berry Schools wants to pursue a four year college course. Berry wants Hammond to receive the first degree from Berry. She expresses interest in Dr. Norwood and [R]ollins College. She also mentions students who have gone from Berry to Antioch College.

Natalie Harris Hammond's secretary, Margaret W. Browne, writes to send $150 to pay for a scholarship as a Mother's Day gift to the Berry Schools.

Helen Forrest writes to Mrs. Hammond to say that her and Dr. Norwood's tributes to Miss Berry's work have had far-reaching results. She encloses a check of $25,000 and asks for any appeals or sermons of Dr. Norwood's that she might "place them in good ground" in the summer.

thanks Miss Berry for the Christmas remembrance and says they are anxious to see Miss Berry and the Schools and the children playing in the Georgia sun once again.


Miss Berry acknowledges that it will take some time to get all the materials for her house and Emily Cottage but asks that Miss Earnshaw send her material for the sofa in the library and the armchair in the living room before April 7th so she can finish the furniture before Mrs. Hammond and the Pilgrims arrive.

Mrs. Cooper writes to thank Miss Berry for the sachet she sent at Christmas. She also encloses a check for two scholarships, in case she is not able to hear Berry speak at Mrs. Hammond's.

Mrs. Clark's secretary, Adele Maria, writes to say that there must be some mistake because Mrs. Clark and her daughter's contributions to the Berry Schools will not be due until April.

Mrs. Charles F. Cantine gives $5,000 in response to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond's Pilgrim Hall solicitation.

The Berry Schools thank Mrs. Buckler for the gift she sent via Mrs. Hammond.

Miss Bigelow sends a check and praises Miss Berry for her talk at the meeting she attended. She hopes that Miss Berry was not taxed too much.

Mr. Bestor explains his disappointment that he and his wife were not able to visit Berry on their trip to Florida. He also expresses interest in Ford's contributions and hopes that Miss Berry will have a little relief from her financial burdens.

Mrs. Hammond's 1929 letter to Martha Berry thanks her for the bundle of kindling Miss Berry sent her for Christmas. She wishes Miss Berry a happy New Year and many new friends and supporters. She expects to start preparations for her next pilgrimage very soon.

Robert Norwood writes Martha Berry to tell her than his visit to Berry inspired his recent sermon. He also hopes to writes an article, "A Saint in the Cabin" for Mrs. Hammond to publish in her booklet.

Loader writes that she heard her good friend Dr. Norwood speak at the home of Mrs. Hammond. She notes that she learned that many of the donations made to the school are small ones and thus sends a small donation and the hope that she can send a larger one in the future.

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