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Frances writes to the Berry Schools with a $25 donation after reading about the Berry Schools in Southern Highlander.

Mrs. Shattuck sends a $150 donation to the Berry Schools.



Mrs. Scott writes to Martha Berry with a check for one dollar. She is sorry she cannot give more for the Berry School, though she has always been deeply interested with the work of the Berry Schools.

Wm. Jay Schiffelin sends a $250 check as a Christmas present from the Association of Berry Pilgrims.

$100 for The Berry Schools from Miss Margaret Scattergood.

Laura Smith sends an enclosed check, hoping it will help a boy named Tommy or some other student to "get an education" at Berry. Miss Smith also sends her regards and concern about the crop failure and says she will help all she can.

Laura Smith sends The Berry Schools a check for $100 in response to the recent drought.

Mrs. Smith sends a check for $50.00 to The Berry Schools. Mrs. Smith also mentions that she will have to reduce her contribution to school since urgent need from other charities have made it necessary for her to do so.


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Martha Berry writes to Mr. Sloan and asks him to make a stop at Berry during the winter. She explains that they have a really nice guest house and she'd love for him to bring any friends or relatives with him.

Webb informs Berry of the death of her aunt, Mrs. Edward N. Roth.

Miss Rockmart writes to Martha Berry to inform her that her fundraising plea did not come at a fruitful time, and that she can only send a small donation as her thin income is spread in many directions near Christmas.

This is a donation from Mrs. Wm. G. Rockefeller for $150.

Kelly, secretary to Mrs. J.D. Rockefeller, Jr., encloses Mrs. Rockefeller's contribution.

Kelly, secretary to Mrs. J.D. Rockefeller, Jr., notes that Mrs Rockefeller will send her usual $100 contribution now instead of later, and that Mrs Rockefeller hopes it will help get Berry through a critical time of need.

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