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Architect Harry J. Carlson encloses a receipt for payment from the Berry Schools.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes that an answer to his letter of November 16 is desperately needed.

Harry J. Carlson encloses a copy of the Boston University bulletin, which includes the names of donors to the university.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes that he has found new, less expensive wall paper for the Berry House dining room.

Coolidge and Carlson advises that they are sending the Thompson Starrett Company's latest set of paid vouchers for the classroom building.

Architect Harry J. Carlson encloses clippings, explaining that he is sending them to Martha Berry instead of Miss Bonner because he understands that she is ill.

Architect Harry J. Carlson's personal and confidential letter to E.H. Hoge informing him of a sudden request from Mr. Hamrick to design a 40 foot high stone watch tower on top of the mountain. Carlson expresses concern, which he believes Hoge will share, about the cost of this project.

Acknowledges the receipt of a letter from Harry J. Carlson.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes to enclose clippings and congratulate Martha Berry on the Pictorial Review award. He is concerned that articles about the award give the impression that Berry is a wealthy school and suggests that she write a letter to newspapers that explains Berry's need for funds.

Architect Harry J. Carlson writes to enclose bills and say that the Berry Schools owe him a great deal of money, a situation that cannot go on. He also mentions a letter from Mr. Hamrick requesting working drawings for a lookout tower, which he will send as soon as they are prepared.

Receipt for payment from the Berry School to Coolidge and Carlson.

Coolidge and Carlson send copies of Thompson Starrett's payment requisitions and certificates of payment.

Letter enclosing the Rust Engineering Company's guarantee for a chimney.

A Coolidge and Carlson letter with the initials of Harry J. Carlson discussing the inspection of buildings at Berry College. In general the buildings are satisfactory. Thompson Starrett has been given a list of issues and may receive an additional list from the donor's engineers. Concerns about asphalt stair treads are discussed and Thompson Starrett is given instructions about insurance on the buildings.

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