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Mrs. Miller sends Martha Berry a small donation to help the schools out at Christmastime.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Meyer a letter of thanks and informs her of the students' wonderful caroling. She also tells of how went into the mountains on Christmas to give presents to those who had none.

Martha Berry writes how a young medical student at John Hopkins endowed a scholarship in memory of his young brother. She expresses her hope that more friends of the Berry Schools will send gifts memorializing 1930.

A list is compiled of firms that are to be approached for Christmas gifts.

A list of firms to contact for Christmas gifts in 1929.

This letter is to Miss Louise Manning Hodgkins from Miss Martha Berry. Berry apologizes for the delay in answer, attributing it to the holiday bustle. She sends Miss Hodgkins "The Sunday Lady" and "The Story of Berry Schools" for her to use to interest a woman in the work of the Schools.

Berry describes her own Christmas as well as the joy that Ladd's candy brought to the students, and thanks Ladd for all that she has done for the school. She wonders if Ladd can persuade Dr. Kast to visit Berry with Emily V. Hammond.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Kopperl for her $150 gift and informs her that it is actions such as her that keep Miss Berry going. She thanks her for her sacrifice at this trying time and says that she would love to come visit her the next time she is in New York. Miss Berry thanks her again for her Christmas gift and wishes her many blessings in life.

Martha Berry discusses her preference that her boys and girls not finish their training at Rollins College. She also tells about her Christmas season.

A letter from Martha Berry recalling her trip to Boston and the unsuccessful, yet enjoyable, attempt at garnering support for Berry there.

Mr. Greene sends a small check as a Christmas gift to Miss Berry's great work.

This letter beginning talks about Christmas at Berry.


Martha Berry writes to Miss Edgar thanking her for the gift of her own earnings. Miss Berry says that she has a warm spot in her heart for everyone associated with the Spence School. She also talks about how pleasant their Christmas was and expresses her hope that the New Year is full of blessings for Miss Edgar.

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