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Martha writes to Mr. Cutting that they are pleased to have him coming on the Board of Trustees and hopes that he will talk to Mr. Colby about becoming a member.

Letter to J. Below Campbell from Martha Berry informing him that she is glad that he will be here for the Trustees Meeting. She inquires after whether he will bring Laura, stay for lunch, and stay the night as well. Miss Berry also asks him to arrive early so that they can have a nice visit beforehand.

Martha Berry is asking Mr. Campbell for advice over some new Trustees for Berry. She also briefly mentions the Fords coming to visit.

J.E. Bierwirth regrets not being able to visit with Martha Berry before she left New York. He also advises Martha Berry that she ought to strengthen her Board of Trustees before she continues with her endowment drive.

A letter from Chairman Alston, letting Martha Berry know of the time and place of the next Board of Trustees meeting.

A letter from Martha Berry asking Robert C. Alston to get in contact with a couple of men who Miss Berry thinks would be good members of the Board of Trustees.

Ochs encloses contributions toward commitments to the Endowment Fund and another subscription. He assures Berry of his commitment to raise $1 million for the Endowment Fund despite being asked by the Trustees to abandon his plan and an "unpleasant letter" from E.H. Hoge.

A letter from Martha Berry to Fairfax Harrison, in which she offers an invitation for him to join the Berry Schools' Board of Trustees.

Berry regrets that Mr. Harrison will not become a member of the Board of Trustees, but expresses hope that some day he will become a member.

A Letter to Miss Berry from Mr. Fairfax Harrison concerning a possible oppurtunity with the Berry Schools. However, Mr. Harrison kindly declined the offer.

Mr. Orr writes back to Martha informing her that he plans on being present for the May 4 meeting of the trustees.

Morgan Harcourt informs Miss Berry that he may not be able to attend the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees or the Commencement.

William L. McKee writes that he will not be able to attend the meeting of the Trustees of the Berry School, and that his name should be dropped from the Board as is is so improbably that he will be able to attend meetings. He will continue to be interested in the school and wishes it were possible to visit.

In response to Miss Berry's letter of April 20th, Mr. Campbell informs her that he will try to attend the Berry Schools Trustees meeting on May 4th, but he is not sure he will be able to.

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