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This letter is asking others to donate money tot he Berry Schools so one student can attend for one year. Anything would help.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to Dr. Chas Procter thanking him for his kind letter about the Berry Schools.

Walter Johnson writes to the Berry Schools and sends with the letter a check for 150 dollars.

A thank you letter from Henry Hornblower to Martha Berry regarding receipt of a box of cotton pods from the Berry Schools during the holiday season.

The document is a bill from E.F. Hutton & Company, an American stock brokerage firm, to Martha Berry. It mentions charging Martha Berry's account the given amount. The document also shows the transaction was delivered

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Blanche E. Pattengill for forwarding Mr. Frettingham's check.

This document is a letter addressed to peers asking for donations to the Berry Schools.

In this letter Mrs. Fredrick Shattuck donates $200 to the Berry Schools

This is a letter to the Berry Schools with payment for a Scholarship from the New Thought Temple.

A cordial letter from Martha Berry to a Berry Schools alumnus, Allen Langston.

The letter came along with a donation to Martha Berry for Berry Schools. The letter included the author's desire to receive some literature or anything else interesting if possible. Mrs. Fatiu ended the letter praising Martha Berry for her work.

This letter to Martha Berry is a response to her request for the amounts of the New Jersey chapters of the Berry Schools through the Treasury General. It appears that Martha Berry was not given these numbers beforehand, and Mildred C. Ennis assures her that she will get them to her with the check in the future.

A memorandum from the Empire Furniture Company to Berry Schools. Memorandum contains the type of furniture, how many, a description, and the cost.

Mr. Bates had received Martha's letter with attention but he cannot help her due to the number of demands from their local area. He wishes her well in her work and encloses a check for $3 out of an expression of good-will.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Albert Johnson after being told about her by their mutual friend Mrs. Yardley. Martha Berry mentions her niece, Mrs. Frances Wright Price, who lives in Miami. Miss Berry thinks Mrs. Price would be interested in meeting Mrs. Johnson. Martha Berry also encloses literature about the Berry Schools and mentions that they've had several students from Florida.

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