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In this letter Otto H. Kahn explains his hesitancy to accept Adolph S. Ochs and Martha Berry's appeal, but offers to donate $1,000 dollars to show his appreciation of the work The Berry School is doing.

This receipt states that Miss Louise Blake donated one hundred dollars to the Berry Schools.

Kate Baylis sends back one of Martha Berry's appeal letters with a five dollar donation.



Martha Berry writes to Mr. Barri asking if he could give to the Berry Schools as he has always shown interest in the school. He responds on the side of the original note and gives 10 dollars.

William Harrison writes to Martha Berry in the hopes he may contribute to a boy's scholarship, who was featured in a pamphlet Harrison received about the schools. He is happy to make a $150 contribution.

Mr. Price sends a copy of his paper to Mrs. Hammond in which he has printed the appeal she wrote. Hammond forwards the letter to Martha Berry with a handwritten note at the bottom.

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