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Alexander Coburn Soper congratulates Miss Berry on her work with the Berry Schools and wishes her continued success.

Mr. Shepherd sends the Berry Schools a check of $25 for the silver commemoration.

Mrs. Shepherd thanks Miss Berry for the Silver Anniversary Calender and complements her work, promising to send a contribution as soon as she can.

Mrs. Schnabel sends a $25.00 check in celebration of the Berry Schools Silver Anniversary.

Miss Laura Smith sends a check for $100 and apologizes for not sending it in time for the anniversary.

Emily writes to Martha to thank her for the Silver Anniversary calendar, as well as commend Martha on the wonderful cause of raising the poor and ignorant to a better life. Emily notes that it is a glorious life of service worthy of Christ's commendation, she gives a donation to the school as well.

Martha writes to Dr. Shaw hoping that he might be able to visit the school, as they are soon to celebrate the 25th Anniversary. She also hopes to get his council on some matters.

Letter to Elisa Richards from Martha Berry thanking her for gift for the 25th anniversary of the schools. Miss Berry informs her that it touched her heart to receive her gift and to have her with them at Berry for the Silver Anniversary. Miss Berry informs her that she always loved to have former teachers and students back at Berry and thanks her again for making the occasion a happy one for her.

Reverend Davis writes to Martha hoping the radiogram was received and how he wishes he could have been there for the 25th Anniversary in person.

Jessie Powers writes to Martha Berry to let her know that she's been ill and will not be able to pay off her pledge before the 25th Anniversary.

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