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Letter encloses a $4.00 receipt for a scarf made by workers in Sunshine Cottage at Berry.

A letter to Miss Van Houton from Martha Berry. The letter is asking for Miss Houton to look over literature samples to arouse interest in the Berry Schools.

In this response letter, Miss Berry states she will be happy to send samples of the girls' weaving and some literature; She thanks them for the continued support of the Dow-Right Clans.

Martha Berry requests that Mrs. Shulenberger send her the pattern for the old coverlet, as well as any other patterns she can find, for use in the weaving room.

Lucy writes to Martha about a loom that she had purchased but was wanting to sell it to the Berry Schools as it has not seen very much use.


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Mr. Kast thanks Martha Berry for the woven, linen scarf she sent from Berry.


Hammond orders bed covers and pillow shams, giving specifics about colors and design.


Berry asks Green to come to the school to teach the students how to produce more artistic weaving, "the kind of things that will sell."

Grable returns a letter from The Berry Schools with a note that her client requires that woven items be made to special measurements.

Grable is asked to accept bureau and dresser scarves since the weaving department does not keep a supply of the linen material she requested samples of.

Grable requests weaving samples for a client and forwards a letter from a friend who is interested in the schools. She reports on conversations with Mrs. Newcomb and Miss Ruth Draper, who has accepted an invitation to the dinner. Mrs. Marshall Field has also accepted.

A letter from Mrs. M. D. Crew on behalf of the Davison Paxon Company regarding the attendance of Miss Berry to receive her prize and Martha Berry's response.

The Berry Schools enclose samples of materials to see which Mrs. Cushing preferred so that they can make the two blue quilts she asked about at the sale in Thomasville, Georgia.

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