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Saying that she was with them in spirit, Ladd thanks Berry and the students for the inspiring recent visit to the school by "our dear young people."

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Ladd to let her know just how wonderful her visit was with Misses Vaughn and Firlotte and to thank her for sending them to Berry. She reminds Ladd of a visit she and Alice Lemley made.

Ladd is glad the young people are at the school and sends her love to "all the boys and girls also to your dear self."

Reed sends details of the travel plans for Misses Vaughn and Firlotte.

Martha Berry confirms Misses Vaughn and Firlotte's upcoming visit to Berry.

Martha Berry learns that Mrs. Ladd is sending Miss Vaughn and Miss Firlotte to Berry and expresses her happiness. Berry reminisces about Ladd's visit to Berry with Miss Lemley, speaking of how close she feels to Ladd and wishing that Ladd might someday be well enough to visit again.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Hamrick to have the roads ready because she is excepting important guests in early January.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Hamrick that she would like the roads to be in good shape and new trees planted along the road of remembrance before Jan. 9th.

Eagan thanks Berry for a recent visit to Oak Hill and sends news of family members.

The design for Mrs. Huntington's candlesticks will not permit their use with electricity. The design can be altered but may increase the cost.

Bartlett, secretary to Mrs. Huntington, writes to approve the design for candlesticks and to ask if they can be made hollow as Mrs. Huntington wants to use them with electricity.

Waite's fanciful letter is in thanks for a recent visit to Berry. On stationery of the Yaddo retreat for artists.

Orr encloses a copy of a pamphlet titled "After You." To her requests that he bring Mr. Penny to campus, Orr says that he has no real acquaintance with Penny but will do his best to convince him to to visit the school should he travel to the area.

Berry again thanks Orr for bringing Judge Cozart to campus and reminds him to bring Mr. Penny. A pamphlet he shared with her prompts her to ask him to write an article on wills for the Southern Highlander as a way to encourage supporters to remember Berry in their wills more generously, as they do for Tuskegee and Hampton Institute.

Berry thanks Orr for bringing Judge Cozart to campus and asks that he also bring Mr. Penny when he next visits Atlanta.

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