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A letter expressing Mr. Holt's excitement about his impending visit to the Berry Schools and inquiring about the distribution of an order of books he'd made.

Letter to Miss Anna W Hollenback from Martha Berry first saying that she was happy to hear of her recovery from illness. She mentions her gratitude in Hollenback thinking of the Berry students during this hard time in her life. She finishes by thanking her for her donation and inviting her to come down for a visit.

A letter expressing how much Martha is looking forward to Mrs. Carlisle's visit to Berry.

Martha Berry says that she enjoyed meeting Mr. Campbell at Battle Creek and that she appreciates his contribution to a scholarship. She hopes that Mr. Campbell will visit Berry to see the work that they are doing. She also asks him to send his home address for the records.

A letter to Martha Berry expressing regret in not being able to see her while they visited and suggesting that next winter they may come back again.

Martha writes to Mrs. Seeler saying she is anxious to have her visit Berry on her way back home, and would be delighted to have the Carlisles as well.

Mr. Liebold writes to Martha regarding the waterproofing and rubber tile and that he would most likely meet Mr. Carlson in some time in July at Berry. He also informs her that he leaving for Europe in September and will not return until around November.

Martha writes to Audrey expressing her apology for missing her while she was in Rome and inquires about how long she will be in Chattanooga. Martha also writes that Mr. Williams might find work at the Cooper Dairy.

Mr. McGill writes to Martha that he will reach Rome in the early morning the upcoming monday.

Martha Berry writes Miss Pease to ask her to arrange a visit to Berry by Mr. Bingham and his sister Mrs. Blossom.

The Berry Schools write to Miss Stone while Martha is away about her inquiry to visit the school. They inform her that it would be more beneficial if she were to visit when more of the school was open.

Mrs. Hilsinger describes her joy in visiting the Berry Schools and sends a $10.00 donation.

Ovid Butler writes to Martha while Mr. Pratt is out to acknowledge the January 12th letter and expresses joy at having Martha speak at the banquet in February. He notes that Mr. Pratt would like to visit Berry and Martha could arrange that with him at another time.

Ralph Allen writes to Miss Berry saying he wishes to visit over the Easter Vacation. He asks her for directions from Washington or Savannah and asks about hotel accommodations.

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