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Photographs have been sent to Kauffman and Miss Gooding, as requested.

Berry regrets that she will be unable to attend the tree planting at Forest Park the afternoon of the 16th.

A letter asking Martha Berry to speak at the Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs' tree planting ceremony in St. Louis

Erle Kauffman requests that Martha Berry sends a print of her photograph to be used in The American Forestry Association's publicity for their annual meeting.

Miss Berry accepts Mr. Pratt's invitation to speak at the annual meeting of the Forestry Association in February. She explains how interested she and The Berry Schools are in forestry.

Mr. Fraser writes to Miss Berry to explain how they cannot sell their tree wagons to the Berry Schools due to patents on the wagons.

Mr. Dunlap encourages Miss Berry to speak at the joint meeting of The American Forestry Association and the Missouri Forestry Association on February 17 in St Louis.

Letter to Henry Murphy and Company from Martha Berry asking them to send a catalogue of their equipment and prices. She informs them that the schools are looking to purchase some tree moving equipment and a wagon if their prices aren't too high.

George D. Pratt writes to Martha telling her that the American Forestry Association has her down as one of the speakers are the banquet during their meeting in February. He hopes that she will be able to attend because he knows she will inspire everyone there.

The representative from James & Graham Wagon Company, A. H. Thoda, writes to The Berry Schools to inform them that they do not build tree moving equipment, as well as that they are going out of business, so they are unable to help The Berry Schools.

Mr. Davey of the Davey Tree Expert Co. sends a copy of the Davey Bulletin showcasing the human side of his business. He also promises a local representative will examine the school's trees without cost.

Berry encloses Hamrick's earlier letter and list of seeds and plants, asking that he update what is still needed. She plans to write to the Chase Company for dwarf boxwoods and asks Hamrick to confirm the number needed.

Berry dispenses instructions to Hamrick about pine trees (she believes it is a mistake to have cut so many), roads (she would prefer a good road to the barn instead of "so much fancy planting"), drainage, ivy (which should be planted around the barn), and the use of native trees.

The Davey Tree Expert Company sends word to Martha Berry that their representative, Mr. George Brautigam, will report to her around the 1st of March to take care of the trees to be planted at the Schools

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