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A thank you letter for Mrs. Hiss' gift and a summary of commencement week activities at Berry

Martha Berry is thanking Mr. Hilsinger for giving a scholarship to the school. She expresses joy that fortunate people are helping the students of the school. She describes the mission of the school and its successes, then thanks Mr. Hilsinger again for his generosity.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Higginson for her gift to the school and explains some of the ways in which it might be put to use. She explains that the school is growing and that the rising demands could not be met without donations from friends. She ends the letter by telling Mrs. Higginson what the students are learning and suggesting that if she saw the work being done, she would feel that her gift was worth it.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hickok for her gift to the Berry Schools and expresses her wish that Miss Hickok could see the children that she is helping. She then describes a particular letter she received that touched her heart. Martha Berry then thanks Miss Hickok for helping to keep open the Gate of Opportunity and expresses her hope that she will one day be able to help every child who wishes to attend the school. She ends the letter by wishing Miss Hickok a happy Thanksgiving.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Hatfield for gift. She describes the commencement and baccalaureate service, including speakers.

A thank you letter for the package Miss Hare sent to the Berry Schools. Also, an apology for not thanking her sooner, as Martha Berry has been absent and unable to open packages.

A thank you letter for the check, letter, and package of dresses Mrs. Hammond sent previously.

A note thanking Miss Rogers for forwarding the check for the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund from Mrs. Duryea.

A letter thanking Martha for her hospitality towards Emily Hammond and the Pilgrims, with some donations attached from some of the Pilgrims.

A thank you letter for forwarding a donation check from a Mrs. Kinney in addition to mourning for some lost friends of Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hamblet profusely for her gift to the school. She informs Mrs. Hamblet that Berry has a long waiting list for students who want to enter, and that each gift is put toward scholarships for the most needy. Martha Berry describes one letter about a boy whose father is a drunkard, and mentions that she prays every night that help will come to the needy children.

A thank you letter to Mrs. Greene for her donation to the scholarship fund at Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Graves for her gift and describes how it helps the students of the Berry Schools. She then details the events of the upcoming commencement week at Berry and expresses her wish that donors to the school could be present to see 129 students graduate.

Martha Berry is writing to let Mrs. Graham know that she received the flowers she sent and is enjoying them. She expresses hope that Mrs. Graham's work is going well and thanks her for being thoughtful.

In this letter Charles Swift writes to Miss Berry thanking her for the box of candy that came from the Berry Schools.

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