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Martha Berry thanks the Graves for their message on Founder's Day and expresses hope that they will visit for commencement or any time that they can. She concludes by wishing them a happy New Year.

Martha Berry thanks Johm Graham for sending her a clipping and asks that he send her more so that she can know what is going on in New York. She mentions that she saw his family and that several people are coming to visit. She then mentions that she has been thinking about going to New York, but is afraid that she will get sick. She finishes the letter by thanking him and wishing him a blessed Christmas.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Gottschalk that it was a pleasure to have him visit Berry and that she is glad he is a friend of the work they are doing. She hopes that he will return on his next trip south.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Sloan and asks him to make a stop at Berry during the winter. She explains that they have a really nice guest house and she'd love for him to bring any friends or relatives with him.

The Berry schools are requesting the address of Mr. Robert O'Brien so they can write and thank him for his gift.

The author thanks Miss Choate for the book that she sent.

Miss Wingo thanks Martha Berry for a handkerchief.

Miss Juliaette A. Parsons sends $25, Miss Martha A. Parsons sends $100, and Mary E. Parsons sends $25. A note from the Berry office says that there will be three receipts but all the amounts will be credited on the same card.

Mr Johnson writes Miss Berry to thank her for the box of Berry candy which has been sent to him in Asheville NC at the Grove Park Inn

This letter is another thank you describing how grateful the Berry Schools are for any donation and gift given to them for their students.


Letter from Martha Berry to Messrs Henry Bosch Company, in appreciation of their gift.

Martha Berry thanks Miss. Murchison for the cream, and tells her to come South and pay the school a visit. She says that she is happy upon returning to work, and counts it a privilege to impact the boys and girls.

Letter to Martha Berry thanking her for sending a box of cotton.

This letter is thanking Mrs. Hall for her package of New York Times. It is also inviting Mrs. Hall to visit Berry whenever in the area.

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