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This is a set of two telegrams. The first is from Virginia Campbell to Martha Berry, informing Miss Berry of her arrival in Whitesulphur, VA and asking if she would like to join her in going to New York. The second is Martha's reply, in which she states that she cannot go to New York because she is tired from weddings and plans to go on vacation for a few days.


Tracy W. Byers telegrams Martha Berry to inform her that she will be arriving in Rome on a Wednesday night.

Mr. Alston sends a telegram to Miss Berry wishing her a merry Christmas and admiring her steadfastness during a very trying year.

Mr. Alderman regretfully informs Miss Berry that he will not be able to assist her.

Telegram to Martha Berry from George Foster Peabody asking if he and Miss Pardee can stay with her on May 1.

Ms. Estey says she expects to arrive Friday afternoon with Miss North and Silvester Taylor.

Comments on proposed changes to the design of stonework.

Coolidge & Carlson wires Martha Berry to inform her that they would like her to use their photographer to photograph the new building.

A telegram from G. Lister Carlisle Jr. that brings news of Edgar Seeler's (Carlisle's brother in law) death. The Berry Schools respond with the news that Martha Berry is abroad and extend their sympathies.

Virginia tells Miss Berry she and her father are heading up this afternoon.


Laura Campbell wires Martha Berry to inform her that she will be unable to visit.


B. Bonner tells Mr. Robinson that the article is excellent and to go ahead with it.

Ms. Tyle asks for the exact date Miss Berry will be coming up and also asks if she will be coming from New York or Boston.


Mr. Beall asks Miss Berry to accept his invitation to attend the opening of the new Sears.

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